Setting Goals for Teachers Pay Teachers

I listen to a lot of entrepreneur podcasts and recently listened to an episode from Amy Porterfield about how to set goals for an online business.  I took away a WEALTH of information from this episode and think that it would benefit any serious seller on TpT to give it a listen.

You can listen to it HERE

One of the many takeaways that I got was to chunk your time for individual actions, and then schedule it prior to performing the actions.  Right now I’m creating products, marketing them, writing blog posts, creating facebook posts, tweeting, etc., all at the same time.  It gets to be a little chaotic and definitely unproductive.  Let me go look at my stats again for the 7th time today!

I’m always thinking of something else I could be doing while working on any given task.  It’s just they way that my brain is wired.  This is all changing though.  In the new year my goals  look something like this for any particular week.

Week 1:
Sun – Schedule 5 FB posts, 5 tweets, 10 science pins, and 3 blog posts for the entire week. (2.5 hours)  All of these tasks can be scheduled within their programs with the exception of Pinterest.  Marketing for the week…done.
Mon – Work on a product (2-4 hours)
Tues – Off
Wed – Catch up on forums for 1 hour.  Work on a product (2-4 hours)
Thurs – Off
Fri – Respond to all feedback, check metrics, and build new relationships with others that might be interested in my brand. (1 hour)
Sat – off

The point of doing this is to have laser like focus on the task that is in front of me.  Some of you are born with that gift…I am not.  I am easily distracted by shiny objects and other things that I think will help build my business.  My business will be much more successful if I just keep pumping out quality products.  At the end of the day without quality products I have nothing.  That is where my focus needs to be.

Working on TPT is fun to me.  Obviously the money that it generates doesn’t hurt anything, but it truly is fun to me.  I don’t think that you can be successful if you look at it like at it like work, but the reality for me is that I have to setup a schedule or I will be all over the place.  This may be different to for each individual.

I would love to hear some feedback on that podcast or this post.  You don’t have to have iTunes.  You can listen to it right from her website.

3 Responses

  1. Amber March 21, 2014 / 11:46 am

    I love the idea of this schedule. I always wished there was some schedule or somewhere shared to know what it looks like! Thanks for the great information!

  2. Jean March 22, 2014 / 2:28 pm

    Good info. I went back and listened to the pod cast you linked too. I really need to pay more attention to how I set goals and structure them, so that they can be consistently worked towards, without burn out or feeling overwhelmed. Thanks for sharing, Chris!
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  3. Hayley Wilkes March 23, 2014 / 10:34 am

    I love setting goals, writing lists and scheduling my time. I’m going to try to stick to it more in the coming weeks. Even when I set a goal I still end up getting distracted and doing exactly what you are doing: thinking about doing something else while doing something. I think even a small goal of 15 minutes or half an hour could be something I stick with. Thanks for another great post.

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