All Pins Are Not Equal – What You May Be Doing To Kill Profits

I wrote this forum post a few months back and I believe that it holds true now more than ever.  Enjoy watching the mad scientist work.

I’ve done a little experimenting over the last couple of weeks.  I’m a science teacher after all. smile  I finally have some data to back up the fact that all pins are not equal.  In fact, you may be leaving a ton of money on the table by pinning the wrong images.

I created a bunch of different images for one of my better selling products to test out what kinds of pins got re-pinned the most.  Note that all pins link back to my blog post that describes in detail how I use the product.

This is the product that I was pinning for

I used my own personal pinterest board as well as two collaborative boards for this test.  I’m only going to site data from my own board (400 targeted followers).  The collaborative boards saw similar trends.

First, I pinned my cover page and received 3 repins on it

Next, I pinned a much nicer long graphic and received 15 repins

I then posted 4 collage images of real photos of my product
Collage 1 and received 18 repins on it
Collage 2 and received 28 repins on it
Collage 3 and received 10 repins on it
Collage 4 and received 14 repins on it

At a minimum I received a 300% increase and on one of them saw a over a 900% increase in the number of repins over just pinning the title page.

I’m no math genius, but I can see that the extra effort that I went through to put up some more appealing images is well worth it.

Conclusion: Get that camera out and start taking pictures.  My go to app for creating collage pictures like this is called Pic Stitch.  There are dozens of collage apps that will work equally well I’m sure.