To Bundle or Not to Bundle?

My best selling products are what I would consider comprehensive products. They have more than one lesson in them which ultimately allows me to charge more for the item. For the first few months on TPT I believed that this was the way to go and only focused on the larger products. I trusted that I was right, but didn’t do any testing until recently.

I was wrong. Very wrong. A couple of weeks ago I split up some of my larger products into individual activities and the sales came in for both formats.

One of the things that I did with the pricing is that I made sure that there was actually an incentive for someone to buy the full product over just the single activity. What I did was to advertise all the savings they can be had in the item descriptions for each of the individual products. I also kept the same covers which allowed the customer to know that they were related. I am very surprised to see the individual items selling as well as they do. This is a win-win for the customer and me.

The takeaway here is that you should definitely be bundling and/or un-bundling products to give your customers an opportunity to purchase exactly what they want. I’m thrilled to make $2-$3 rather nothing because someone may not have needed all of the other information from the bundle. I’m also happy to up-sell my bundle to someone that didn’t know that they could buy a more comprehensive product for a discount.

I’d like to hear your experiences with bundling. Leave them in the comments below.