Benefits of Being in the Teachers Pay Teachers Newsletter

Back at the end of December I landed one of my free products in the newsletter. At the time I captured some stats and posted some analysis on the forum, but wanted to re-share that with you here on TPTSchool.

You should definitely consider submitting a free/paid product each week to Teachers Pay Teachers. You can do that by logging into TPT and then going to My TPT > See it in the Newsletter.

The first post I made was the evening after making it into the newsletter.


OK, here are some initial stats from being in the newsletter today. I’ll do another one at the end of the week. I just happen to be awake at 4am because I couldn’t sleep and that is when the email came in. I took a snapshot of my dashboard right away so that I could compare some things.

My free science product is geared for middle school, but definitely appeals to elementary teachers also.

Views: Before – 594 Tonight – 4617 (whoa)
Wishlisted: Before – 4 Tonight – 115
Downloads: Before – 202 Tonight – 2639 (another whoa)
Sales: bleh. Horrible time of the year for sales. I’ve had a couple, but nothing abnormal
Follows: Before – 45 Tonight – 103 (fantastic)
Feedbacks: Before – 4 Tonight – 34
FB follows: I doubled the 10 that I had smile I’m just getting started there.
Blog: above average blog traffic, but again it’s only been live for about a month or so.

I also advertised some of my other paid products inside the freebie and within the description of the freebie. Those numbers are up, but I was expecting some sales from that. Again, brutal time of the year for sales.

Here’s the best stat though.

Number of times that I’ve submitted to be in the newsletter: 1 I guess I need to go to Vegas. Pure Luck.

All in all it’s been a fun day watching numbers and getting feedback emails. I think the biggest win is the 50 extra followers that I now have. I don’t ever follow anyone if I don’t genuinely have an interest in their products, so hopefully some of those follows are potential customers also.

This next post was on 1/5/14 and was at the end of the week after being in the newsletter.

I just wanted to post some final numbers after having my freebie in the newsletter for a week.

My free science product is geared for middle school, but definitely appeals to elementary teachers also.

Views: Before – 594 Tonight – 9733 (whoa)
Wishlisted: Before – 4 Tonight – 206
Downloads: Before – 202 Tonight – 5642 (another whoa)
Sales: best sales week but most of it came from new products I posted this week.
Follows: Before – 45 Tonight – 170 (crazy)
Feedbacks: Before – 4 Tonight – 51
FB follows: 28 new follows

In summary, being in the newsletter has really helped out. I think the biggest benefit is having the additional 130 targeted followers that now are potential customers every time I post a new product. I posted 3 new products this week and all of them had sales on them almost immediately because I have people that follow me that know and trust that my work is solid.

It was lots of fun to watch. It’s time to get back to making some killer products in preparation for my next appearance.