Top 5 Business Podcasts That Can Help Your Teachers pay Teachers Store

Over the last couple of years I have been listening to several business podcasts as I commute to and from work each day.

A podcast is simply a series of digital audio files related to a certain topic. There are podcasts about all kinds of topics, but I choose to listen to ones that focus on streamlining my business processes or that focus on motivation, leadership and goal-setting.

I can say that without question these 5 podcasts have been instrumental in shaping my Teachers pay Teachers business.

Top 5 Business Podcasts

  1. Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn – Pat Flynn is most notable for publishing his monthly income reports online.  Last month he had nearly 90k in revenue and profited around 65k.  His down to earth personality makes him very easy to listen to, and I make sure that I never miss an episode.  This podcast is amazing.
  2. Social Media Marketing with Michael Stelzner – Michael Stelzner is the author of Social Media Examiner and discuss all things social media.  He is a master at his craft and I always seem to find great tips from his podcast episodes.
  3. Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield – Amy Porterfield used to work with Tony Robbins and is not considered one of the queens of Facebook marketing.  Her podcast only comes out once a month, but it’s a do not miss.
  4. Entrepreneur on Fire with John Lee Dumas – John Lee Dumas interviews entrepreneurs and publishes his podcast daily…yes, daily.  I can’t keep up with all of the content that he produces, but I do try to listen to interviews that relate to my business.  You should definitely listen to his interview with Angela Watson as she discusses being an Entrepreneur and Teachers pay Teachers
  5. The New Business Podcast with Chris Ducker – Chris Ducker is the master of outsourcing and has a lot of great strategies that I have implemented in my own business.  I’m just beginning to scratch the surface with what he has to offer, but this is another podcast where I try and listen to every single episode.

In order to listen to podcasts on your mobile devices you need to download a podcasts app.  On iOS the app I use is simply called “Podcasts”.  If you have an Android device I recommend reading this article that discusses the best podcasting apps for Android.

You can also stream the shows directly from the podcasters blog or website, but I find that they are much more digestible when I’m away from the computer.

I also have my own podcast called EduAllStars where we interview the difference makers in education.  We’ve interviewed some great guests like Todd Whitaker, Deanna Jump, and Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan.  We have talked to some truly inspirational educators.  Definitely give it a listen.

Do you listen to podcasts to increase to help with your business?  Are there shows that should be on the list?  Please leave a comment and let me know.