Write Item Descriptions Before Working on Products

I’m going to be keeping it short and sweet today. I changed something up a couple of months ago that has worked really well for me. Before starting any work on a project I wrote out the item description that I would put on teachers pay teachers for that particular project that I was about to start.

This helped me to remain focused on exactly what the product is going to cover and allowed me to publish once I met the requirements that I had outlined for myself. I include everything that they teacher is going to be getting with my product as well as the links to other similar product that I may want to try and sell to that particular customer. By doing this I can remain totally clear on what my goal is and what I need to do to complete the product.

I’ve spoken publicly about my tendency to keep adding additional items to my products or to not hit publish because I wanted to tweak this or that. At the end of the day you have to get your project out the door and put it up for sale. A 95% complete project is still 0% to a customer. Get that thing published and move on to the next one.